ecological design


garden rooms


Raised beds

With environmental issues coming ever more to the forefront of awareness, now is the time to be considering how all aspects of your building project will comply to new legislations. Permaculture thinking takes an ecological, whole-picture approach to landscape design. Through careful observation and analysis we design harmonious spaces that benefit local ecosystems. Our careful consideration makes our design services perfect for sensitive environments and can help to fulfill planning stipulations while creating dream outdoor spaces for clients.


Our roundwood timber-framed garden rooms, pagodas and garden structures use sweet chestnut poles in their natural state, sustainably grown and harvested by our local woodsman. We can design and build the perfect structure for your garden, while artfully blending it with the natural surroundings. We consider the health of ecosystems and the environment in all of our designs and implementations. All our frames are hand-crafted on site and unique to your garden. By using mainly hand tools we limit the use of power, making this one of the lowest-impact methods of construction possible.


Raised beds are a great way of intensively growing food in a small space. They make it easy to plant, harvest and maintain, making them ideal for almost any space.


Provide an organic, natural barrier to slugs/snails.

Prevent soil compaction.

Provide good drainage.


integrating edibles

By planting perennial and annual vegetables and herbs into an established garden we can obtain a yield without changing too much of the structure. By analysing how you use your space we can come up with the best ways to produce crops in harmony with your existing outdoor area.


Discover food production potential.

Work in harmony with current systems.

Add function to form.


small space design

This is aimed at those of you living in smaller homes. Tiny spaces call for creativity. By using stacking, wall mounted gardens, and hanging baskets, among other techniques, we will get your square foot garden producing something for the kitchen.


Balconies & patio gardens.

Square foot gardening.

Creative and bountiful urban spaces.



This is a key part of what we do. Sharing knowledge and skills on how to maintain your new edible landscape and how to get the most from it is part of our service. A full maintenance service is also offered for those with busy schedules. Alternatively, we can continue to offer assistance as your garden grows and develops, as and when required.


Advice & guidance.

Skills for getting hands-on in your garden, if you so wish.

Full maintanance packages.