Nurturing Nature


building ecosystems

All healthy ecosystems grow from healthy soil. Building soil structure with natural methods such as mulching, green manures, composting and promoting/increasing soil biota is the baseline for any flourishing organic garden. When we give the life in the soil the right food and conditions, it will do the hard work for us, building beneficial relationships with the plants and increasing the diversity and fertility of the system.

Working with nature, not against it.
Increasing diversity.
Nourishing the soil.
Growing nutritious food.

supporting wildlife

We are always looking to increase diversity within a system. By attracting insects and animals we will work towards a better balanced system. There are multiple benefits to attracting wildlife, a prime example being the pollination of your flowering plants by bees. When working with nature, rather than against it, we enable less input from humans with greater rewards for both us and the wildlife.

Completing the system.
Pollinating fruit, veg and flowering plants.
Encouraging natural predators that balance the ecosystem (such as ladybirds, wasps, birds).