SolSeed Landscapes

serving the gardens of sussex

Hi, Iā€™m Brett, founder of SolSeed Landscapes. Welcome to our site - I hope you find what your looking for! For you to get to know me a little, here's a bit about my background and the inspiration from which SolSeed Landscapes was born.

From a very young age I had a strong interest and deep connection with nature. Whilst growing up I spent every available second outside, admiring nature, building bird boxes, looking after the chickens, and fishing.

My strong interest in science and the aquatic environment led me to a 3 year degree at Sparsholt College in Fishery Management and Freshwater Biology. On completion I started my landscaping career with 3 years building ponds and natural swimming pools. 

I then took to traveling the world; working with the land and connecting with the natural environments of many different countries. In Australia, whilst working on large-scale, monoculture vegetable farms, I began to realise how bad for our planet some methods of farming are. In New Zealand, I worked on light-earth building projects, lived self-sufficiently at small holdings and, at the other end of the spectrum, helped landscape the grounds of huge, commercial properties and built walking trails in the mountains. 

I spent a year in the UK working for Hook and Sons Raw, Organic Dairy, mostly at markets in London selling the produce. This gave me great insight into, and enthusiasm for, the organic food movement within the UK.

A move to Vancouver provided me with the opportunity to be installing edible landscapes on the roofs of buildings all over the city. It was fantastic to see, and be part of, such an initiative in a densely populated, urban environment.

My deep appreciation for our planet and the natural world led me to pursue a certifcate in Permaculture Design, which is an on-going study for me. The organic and nature-focused principles resonate with my personal ideals and way of thinking. Now is the time for solutions, and by taking small steps like producing our own food and rehabilitating and nurturing ecosystems in their entirety, we can build a greater resilience against the uncertainties of our future.

When not working, I can almost always be found outside, whether it be fishing, hiking, foraging for wild edibles, paragliding, up cycling old pallets or just hanging out in the garden with the plants and friends. The great outdoors and nature truly are my passion; I look forward to serving the gardens of Sussex and sharing this passion with you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have. 

I look forward to connecting with you,